Blown up close ups from newspaper photo’s. A blurred and abstract image emerges; erasing context and meaning. Visiblbe from a safe distance. A study.

In the 90’s I collected newspaper images which I copied and with which I compiled an image library. I could use this for reference and the design of record sleeves, posters and publications. This was before there was ‘grunge’ design with its easy to download, photoshop brushes, Illustrator patterns and pre-made ‘grunge’ fonts.

Later I started using the camera of my smartphone to photograph the newspaper photo’s instead of going to the copy shop. I found out that you can manipulate the photo’s by changing angles, zooming in which distorted the image and exposed the printer dots of these photo’s even more. A result similar to the photocopy esthetics

The smartphone camera has become an integral part of my work. This is not only an experimentation in esthetics, it also questions ownership and a study into the meaning of images that flood todays media, where facts are easily ignored and faked.

From the original photo’s I’ve made an object by altering them, leaving parts out and erasing its source and context. Creating space for people to question its origin, to interpret and reflect on what they see.