The smartphone camera has become an integral part of my work. This is not only an experimentation in esthetics, it also questions ownership and a study into the meaning of images that flood todays media, where facts are easily ignored and faked.

From the original photo’s I’ve made an object by altering them, leaving parts out and erasing its source and context. Creating space for people to question its origin, to interpret and reflect on what they see.


For this project I’ve made a unique art publication housed in a black A3 sized cardboard box with silkscreened bandarol. The publications comes with:

– Print on polyester | 92 x 142 cm
– Fact Free publication | Newspaper print
– Two booklets: Out of Focus and In The Studio, about it’s background
– Edition: unique

Concept by Matt Plezier

If interested feel free to send a mail for inquiries