I did get invited by Zenevloed, a techno / noise collective, to do banners for one of their events at Radion, a club in Amsterdam. Inspired by a quote “Dance the problems away” of a friend who didn’t like me going to rave parties in the 90’s as he saw it as a hedonistic distraction. But to me the DIY aspect of the rave scene, operating under the radar of mainstream culture, has always inspired me and for me there are parallels with punk culture.

For this installation I’ve used re-photographed images and quotes out of ‘Decline Of The West’ from Oswald Spengler to emphasize today’s zeitgeist of populism; as a reaction against the globalization of neo-liberalism, preying on fear. This mixed with the evangelical zeal in the coming of the rapture, the final endgame, the coming of christ has created a force that is explosive and is destabilizing the world.

To me art works great in a club setting where people least expect it.