TONOTOPIC / Behind The Smokescreen

When Zenevloed Collective, asked me to do visuals and create an installation for the Tonotopic rave I was excited about the prospect of it. An illegal rave at a former morgue in the centre of Amsterdam! A location that does speak to the imagination and a perfect place to submerge yourself in a night of dark ambient and abrasive techno.

For this rave I’ve made six posters (118,5 x 175cm) with collages of found footage and newspaper headlines. Creating different narratives. A visual reflection and exploration into the media’s (re)framing of news and its impact; a recurring theme of mine. Additionaly I’ve made a video projection of random photocopied images from my image library.

I love the setting of a rave, the urgency, it’s fluidity, cloaked in darkness and surrounded by noise rendering it almost completely anonymous. People are more susceptible with heightened senses. I like the idea of the temporary space you create, which is gone before you know it.


The project has been documented in the zine: Behind The Smokescreen.