TONOTOPIC II : Beach, Sea and Sun

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Inspired by the dystopian vision of Blade Runner I made a mixed media triptitch: ‘Beach, Sea and Sun’. Using strobe- and tube lighting, big prints and computer fans to make survival blankets move in a wave like motion for maximum effect, creating a mesmerizing piece. Despite its theme (which naturally would get lost in this setting) I knew it would work perfectly for this crowd. It was great to see how people interacted and reacted to my work and it certainly was a great way to test my first installation with an audience.

Art has always been a part of rave culture. And not only as decoration. It is inherent to the self expression of the culture, to make a statement and to set oneself apart. Something that got lost when big parts were coopted by commercialism.

Personally it is great to see that the organizing crews’ approach to raving is more akin to that of a Gesammt Kunstwerk where all parts enhances the experience. By doing so they create a platform of experimentation for left field art and cutting edge techno; inviting a community that is not only diverse but also open minded to new experiences.

And I love the ephemeral nature of it all. The art only exists for the night as part of an experience that can be documented but not recreated.